An Indian student going abroad for his further studies is one of the life changing experiences the student faces. The journey is bound to introduce new emotions, learning and a different view of life altogether.

While some difficulties might be anticipated and inevitable, other can come as a surprise.

The dream of pursing studies abroad is a very dominant one in every student’s mind. it seems very colorful and fancy. We often compare other countries with india and state how good it is regarding infrastructure, freedom and many other things.


Problems faced by Indian Students in the USA and how to overcome them

Financial constraints

The cuddling shade of a parent taking care of the child is totally torn. For the student to manage funds in a different country is a tough job.

Limitations like budget and monthly allowances cause restrictions. The value of rupee is not very high when it comes to USA, UK or European countries.

Paying bills becomes a heavy burden and sacrifices of basic facilities become a daily routine. It creates a very frugal lifestyle. Somehow, the student learns how to manage funds from this part of his experience.


If the country language is different it creates huge problems. Countries like France and Spain will not entertain people who do not know their language and their etiquettes.

Sometimes the subjects also include their state languages and it becomes difficult for the student to learn and score in those papers.

Language barrier is one of the most stressing challenge concurred by the children.

Suitable accommodation

Either finding the college hostel or finding a cheap apartment to live is a task. There is a great sense of isolation that Indians have to go through.

There are times when they not treated well by their foreign associates. They fail to receive acceptance.

Finding accommodation that fits their budget is next to an impossible task. It involves a huge number of compromises.

Even after finding an accommodation that fits the budget, finding a healthy environment and access to food becomes very difficult.

Maintaining healthy lifestyle is tough. Privacy issues arise due to various reasons. Making acquaintances and friends who can help during emergencies is not very easy. 


The students when going through all these difficulties remember their comfort zone, their very own country and their house.

It is a very natural experience.

It is quite difficult leaving a place you have been associated for a long period.

Even though many of us may be well prepared for it, sometimes it does hit hard and cause depression.

Every time a student is faced with a tough situation regarding a new place, he or she is bound to remember how easy it was in the home town.

Social life

The positives that are calculated before the trip do not turn out to be exactly of the same count once reality is presented before you.

The amount of work and assignments given to the students will give his/her social life a toss.

The only possible interactions possible are group and project discussions. Since it is difficult for an Indian to be accepted too, the barrier adds to the social life.

Due to this, it causes a sense of isolation and loneliness. It affects the overall attitude and interest towards the rest of the things the child might want to try and experiment in the country and his academic dimensions.

Adapting to a new time zone

Homesickness will make the student want to talk to his family or friends in his home town. But the time difference will give him considerable restrictions.

It will limit the student’s talk time and the number of calls he would like to make everyday.

It becomes a challenge and a quite frustrating experience for him to not talk to his loved once for the little comfort he may receive in the tough times.

If a student wants to make 5 calls a day, he or she is bound to make only 2 calls because of the time difference and availability.

Learning methods

The educations system differs from country to country.

The method of teaching and student evaluation is tougher in most of the countries when compared to India.

Even the syllabus for that matter is more of application and mind based than the rote learning based which is normally practiced in India.

There are additional activities like seminars and workshops which are compulsory for the students to attend and absorb.  The foreign university systems are not at all lecture based.

They are more of a field work and experience-based. A student is forced to apply his mind. Hence at least in the first few years, the performance scale of an Indian student fluctuates.

Weekly rankings and class standings are provided. Sometimes this might demoralize the child. Some children may take it positively and work harder but most of them fall out.

Familiarizing with different brands and products

The cerals or breakfast items which we are used to becomes different. the survival strategy changes altogether.

Managing time efficiently is something a student gets used to gradually. In india, the concept of time management is useful only on paper while in foreign countries the student has to use it in practical life.

The lifestyle issues and university arrangements may be uncomfortable. Cultural shock is inevitable.

The ‘desi’ food is no more available. The snacks that are eaten are completely gone.

Adapting life to all of these issues is really a challenge for the student and each of them depresses the child at certain times.

It creates lack of motivation to learn or even continue the same. They might feel like returning back to their hometown and pursing something or settling for something else rather than going through this.



Every problem has a solution. We just need to have a clear mind and a positive solution minded attitude. Acceptance and being calm in situations is necessary. To breed the practice of thinking instead of panicking is something students ought to develop. Ranting and complaining about everything time and again is not providing any solution. 

Asking your self “isn’t this what I wanted? Did I not want the change? Did I not want better education opportunity?” will help you understand your purpose. when you understand your purpose, every difficulty seems to be tangible.

Being a student is always a challenge. It is the part of life while you are developing yourself and getting yourself accounted with new things every ow and then.

Added to this a new country gives you a huge amount of opportunity. Nothing can come easy. There has to be challenges in everything we want. If there are positives, there has to be negatives as well. 

Being open minded about certain things might be helpful. You have to gain the ability to think differently taking all things in mind.

Culture Shock

Cultural shock can be tackled by the thought of learning different cultures and additional traditions. A positive attitude of gaining is very important.

Familiarize yourself with their culture. Know their norms. Do not allow the fear of offending others. Humans learn and learning takes time.

Language Barrier

The language barrier can be crossed. Sometimes you can use internet and familiarize yourself with their basic terms. The rest you will pick up gradually and hence there is no need to worry.

A human being is always a self learner. There are extra courses that help to develop language skills. Enrolling for such causes might appear beneficial.

Doing a part time job can relax some amount of financial burden. Luckily part-time jobs for students with the most flexible timings are given to students there immediately.

They can earn a fair amount of money for their rent and some of the dinning expenses that they incur. Many of the universities offer internships that can be taken by the students. Other than that scholarships are provided for the students to avail.

If the student keeps himself busy with activities, he or she wont have the space to remember the hometown. Talking with people and going to different places in the town can help the student keep his mind engaged.

Constant engagement and entertainment becomes important. Prepare yourself well with the portions before itself. Do not wait for the dates for assignments and weekly tests to be announced, organize a timetable and set constant reminders for all the day to day tasks.

Set a everyday goal of completing a certain amount of studies. Prepare a list of things and classify tasks according to priority.

Manage Time Wisely

Time management is still a task. Avoiding unnecessary activities can save some time in hand.

Or doing activities and choosing courses that are necessary will help you save some time.

Spend your time wisely on social media and movies. Don’t overdo it. That will give some time for self-relaxation and rejuvenation.

If there is any kind of disrespectful treatment or ragging going on, there are councils and other student body which help people. Seeking help from authority or somone outside the university faculty is possible and very easy abroad.

Be Safe, Be Happy. You Live Only Once.

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