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Free Counseling

Visit The Home Office Or Talk To Students Studying Abroad

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The Counsellors a.k.a Regional Headers at iGraduate have the required experience to identify the needs of the students and help them to make an accurate decision. Personal Assistance to individual student ensure him/her to make a better decision, fit for the career goal. 

Individual approach to each client is guaranteed. 

Our previous students recommend us as we mark excellence. 


Complete Assistance Until Admission

Community Head Handles Everything From University Selection To The Admission

Travel Assistance
Exchange Your Currency Securely

iGraduate Assists and Legalize documents on behalf of the student. From the day of Registration to the Settlement of individual Student, our Regional Heads stay in the respected Country with the students on board.


Along with Travel plans to provide the best available options to travel, Forex or Money Exchange is provided to get the best possible exchange rates to make the exchange hassle-free.


University Selection Based On Your Budget

Students Academic Scores Are Evaluated For Selecting The Best Suitable University For Them

academic documents required

While keeping the quality of education in mind, iGraduate helps you in selecting the university that best fits your criteria financially maintaining the credibility of the course.

Academic Documents are evaluated following the rules/norms of the University. The documents are apostilled in accordance with the Ministry of external Affairs.


100% Gauranteed Admission

Every Student Is Important To Us. So, we make sure no one is left behind

We Serve Better

We are confident enough to make a statement of 100% Guaranteed admission. There are no students left behind, even the last minute admissions are handled professionally without any disruption or hurry.


Admission Letter & Visa Help

Passport, Education Loan, Admission Letter from the University on priority basis

Student must have a passport

Admission Letter a.k.a Invitation letter is an invite from the chosen university to the student stating that the university is ready to allow the admission of the student. 

Visa is approved after the Invitation Letter has been released by the university.

iGraduate arranges the Invitation letter and gets the Visa Approved. Last minute admissions are operated based on the Tatkal service.


Exam, Syllabus and Course Information

This is the information you will find only from iGraduates’ students who are studying in the colleges abroad.

only at iGraduate

The unique information about Exam, Syllabus and Courses is provided only by iGraduate. Students studying abroad give latest update on the curriculum of the universities. 

We at iGraduate believe that True information can only be given by the students who are already studying in the Universities and not by a third person. 

iGraduates’ students already studying abroad help the arriving student in settling. Hostel accommodation, Apartment/Flat Sharing, Indian food, Fun on weekends are some of the few perks of being a part of the iGraduate community.