Planning to study abroad? It is important to be prepared so as to be sure what you will get on your arrival.

This is important to enjoy both studying and living in a foreign country.

No doubt everyone experiences different things. But you should be prepared beforehand with a list of things to be taken care of. 






These are some of the major countries in which Indian students prefer to go in higher numbers.

The reason for this is mainly because these are English speaking countries.

Language is the key to anything, if you are not able to communicate, survival is a little tougher in a foreign country. So it is better to be prepared for this language thing.

There are several basic things you are supposed to know if you are planning to go to the US or Australia, which can transform your journey into a great experience.

It can be a little daunting for the students coming to the mentioned countries.

Online Research

It is a must to do online research before you step into a foreign country.

Social platform provides infinite access to everything.

You can search online about anything, e.g- Places to visit in that country, Food, Language et cetera.


Ensure to carry each and every important document before you leave from the native country.

Being in a foreign country will be like living under someone else’s roof.

You must carry the Travel Book for that country. You would need to live under the rules and regulations.

Clothes (according to the season), laptop, mobile charger, electric adapters, etc. Do not carry anything that can be taken out during airport checking.

Student Accommodation

For accommodation, you can contact your university.

They may help you out in this. Hostels are available for students but with limited seats.

Talk to someone living there, so that they may help you in getting an accommodation.

Register yourself on websites like – for accommodation. Also register on, it will give student’s identity card that will help you get discounts on accommodation.

Student accommodation for MBBS abroad

On Arrival

Once you have arrived, the first thing that needs to be done is to Register yourself with the Internal Affairs Ministry within 24-48 hrs.

The benefit of doing is that it will help you later in getting a Temporary Residency and it will also legalize your stay in that country. Contact your family members and let them know you have reached.

Bank Account

For keeping your money safe, it is very important to open a bank account as soon as possible after reaching a foreign country.

You will need your passport, proof of residency, and proof that you are a student.

Earn While You Learn

When you are a student in a foreign country, you prefer to earn some money so that you can have extra cash in your pocket.

There are several jobs for students. But ensure the rules of working while you are a student there.

The government allows only a limit time period to work.

It would be important for everyone to know that you do not let yourself be involved with a fraud agent. Agents do fake promises that they never complete. There are several people who are only money minded and just want to run their business, while doing so they do

fake promises. Do complete research on everything. Always speak for what you want. There is an organization International Development Program (IDP), is an international education organization offering student placement in Australia, US, UK, Canada, New Zealand.

Now, it would be better to know the pros and cons of studying abroad.


There are so many benefits of studying abroad, including— see the world, education, exploring new cultures, career opportunities, new interests, making lifelong friends, personal development, et cetera.

Seeing the world

Studying abroad gives an opportunity to see the world. This is for the first time that you have gone away from your native country, the host country would provide so many new things to explore.

Living, in a nutshell, is not what a person wants, exploring the world with passion is what a person should do.


Everyone knows that the education system in our country is different from that of a foreign country. So studying abroad also allows us to know about different ways of studying.

Education is the key to everything, so getting better knowledge will surely give a better career.

Exploring new culture

Stepping out from one’s own country and moving to a foreign country means to step into a different space. You would meet people from different cultural backgrounds. It helps to know people from around the world.

Appreciating new cultures is not bad, it is so nice to be involved in every culture. Every religion and culture has something different and better to teach.

Career opportunities

Studying in abroad provides really well career opportunities. Exploring new ways to get settled better. There are huge number of opportunities for international students.

When you move out of a shell, you explore. That means when you move out from your native area to a different country, you get a lot more opportunities. Studying in abroad provides really well career opportunities. Exploring new ways to get settled better.

There are huge number of opportunities for international students. When you move out of a shell, you explore. That means when you move out from your native area to a different country, you get a lot more opportunities.

Personal development

Life goes and humans grow through life experiences. It is really important to groom yourself with time. Experiences help people to develop more from within.

Stability is learned through life events. A person becomes better only when he has seen so many situations and is able to handle each one with dignity and presence of mind.


Each coin has two sides. Similarly studying abroad gives pros as well as cons. Cons would include— language barrier, studying abroad is expensive, you are on your own, homesickness, et cetera.

Language barrier

Language becomes a barrier to getting what you want when you are in a different country.

Talking in a language other than your mother tongue is slightly difficult. You can express yourself better in someone else’s language. 

It is expensive

It is really expensive to study abroad. Once you have decided to move to a certain country, it is like moving into a newer life that requires the new you.

Money is of utmost importance here. Not everyone can reach there. Because it demands a lot of money to go abroad.

You are on your own

Once you move to a foreign country, you have to be on your own. Which means no one is there to hold u when u fall, you are the one who is with you every time.

You have to pay your own bills, study yourself, get things done for yourself, no one else will do it for you. All the burden comes on your shoulders.

There would be no one you can ask help from. People are busy in their own lives there.


In simple words, the word ‘homesickness’ can be described as ‘distressed behavior caused by being away from home’.

It is not easy to live away from your family. People often suffer from Homesickness when they move to a different country, culture and live among different people.

It may become a barrier to conducting life in a productive way. Life may get paused which is not good.

It would be better to understand when you see or hear a real story.

My brother went to Australia in July 2019. He prepared everything beforehand. Made passport, got the Visa, got the admission there. All he did was research, research, and research.

Social media in today’s time is providing the best knowledge of around the world. He did not go to any agent to get him the Visa for Australia.

Going there is not easy. Students must be financially and mentally prepared for future demands. He suffered from homesickness for a duration of time. This is because he used to miss family.

Being a student he also wanted to work so that he could pay his bills, have some extra money. So he started working for four hours (Government of Australia allows international students to work only 20 hours per week). 

In today’s time, he is happy there, studying, working during given hours, and exploring.

One thing that everyone should be aware of is that, do not give a penny to any agent. They are fraud and promise u fake things. They say they have already paid for the accommodation for one month, but actually they have not.

So on your arrival, you get to know you are fooled. Keeping your money safe and for not getting trapped, it is important not to go to fraud agents.

Some things you should take care of when you are abroad

First of all, you must understand that when you are abroad, it clearly means you are under someone else’s roof, you are not in your own country, so you need to be following there rules and regulations without a second thought.

Do not ever do anything against there rules. Work only in the hours provided. Illegal work would be punishable and you might be sent home. Always keep your documents safe and complete. Do not try to fool anyone there. Things take time so you should not hurry.

Try to learn their rules as soon as possible. Participate in different items in college programs, so that you explore new things. Always be open to new adventures. Keep your college work completed beforehand. Do not copy-paste from someone else’s assignment or work.

It is considered cheating when you copy someone else’s assignment. It is also not allowed to do work from the internet. You must do all your work by yourself. 

If you ever feel that something is happening wrong with you then you must go and contact Indian Embassy. In case you have lost any of your documents or something has happened wrong with you, then you must immediately contact the Indian Embassy. They would verify everything and would help you ASAP.

Psychological Barriers

Lack of Trust

Lack of trust hinders effective communication. Virtues like credibility, trustworthiness, and reliability go a long way in establishing strong relationships and forging a true bond. One may not take the words for granted of a person lacking these positive qualities.

I-know-everything attitude

This attitude shuts the mind of a listener to accept anything other than what s/he thinks. Such people are not ready to accept that they can be mistaken.

Lack of patience 

Some listeners interrupt and pass remarks on what the speaker says even when the communication is not complete. This snaps effective communication. 


Fear affects performance. Nervousness, tension, anxiety too can affect effective communication.


Interacting while keeping the status into account creates a psychological distance where many things which ought to be said, go unsaid. 

Intrapersonal barriers

I-know-it-all, I am right, negative attitude, poor self-image, being judgmental, ego— all hinder effective communication. 

The above psychological barriers come in between when you move to a foreign country. Communication is the key, if your communication is not good with the people of the host country then it would be a little difficult to survive. Because all we need in a different country is love, friendship, people who would help. 

Last but not least, listen to your heart.

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