Studying MBBS in abroad is a dream for many youngsters. So in this article we are going to learn the complete process of MBBS education in abroad. It includes the colleges available, the fee structure, living expenses, college expenses, accommodation, internships and lot more. If you are eagerly waiting for a source to give you some basic guidance this article would help you a lot.

Nowadays most people are rushing towards foreign countries to complete their MBBS course. And when it comes to India the number is always high. Around 8000-12000 students from India are moving towards foreign countries to fulfill their dreams. There are two main reasons why Indians are choosing abroad over India for MBBS.

The first one is: in India the entrance to the prestigious medical colleges is done through an entrance examination named NEET. Where only few students qualify for future process. The second is: They can easily get placed in foreign universities where they get quality education as equal as Indian universities can provide. As many of the aspirants cannot get qualified for the entrance test they choose to complete the course in abroad.

Although many of the Indians have a dream to do MBBS in abroad most of them compromise thinking that it would cost more than what they expect. This is the situation where they need guidance. Pursuing MBBS in abroad may not cost more than the fee of private medical colleges in India. After knowing that MBBS in abroad is affordable the students get confused in choosing the country and then the college. Now we are going to discuss the countries which are available for Indian students who are willing to do their MBBS in foreign countries.

Countries popular for pursuing MBBS course

Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Georgia, Poland, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Mauritius, Nepal, Malaysia, USA, UK, and China.

From the above countries, we have different types of Fee structures ranging from 10lakhs to 60lakhs in Indian currency. In most of the above universities you get scholarships and accommodation including in the fee structures. Now let’s divide them into two categories depending upon their fee structures. One is affordable and the other is expensive.


Most of the above countries come into this category. When it comes to choosing a country for pursuing your MBBS outside India Russia and Ukraine always stands first in the queue. The Russian country consists of many universities which are affordable and the quality of education is high. The fee structure in most of the medical colleges ranges from 1.4lakh to 5lakh per annum which is too low for its quality. The living expenses were also affordable in Russia as students have hostel facilities in the university itself.  So, most of the people prefer Russia as their first choice.

Ukraine also have some of the prestigious medical colleges in which the fee structure ranges from 2.5lakhs to 4lakhs per annum. As it is a six year course the cost may range from 15lakhs to 21lakhs. The country provides the same facilities as Russia do.  Now check out some other countries in affordable range.

Ukraine – 1.7lakh to 2.5lakh per annum.

Philippines – 4lakh to 5lakh per annum.

China – 3lakh to 4lakh per annum.


Till now we have seen some of the affordable countries for MBBS now we are going to see some of the expensive countries. The academic fee may be huge but the quality of education you get from these universities is indefinable. They have the best faculty and academics compared to any other country in the world.

And when it comes to expensive countries the first one will be India and when it comes other than India the first position would be given to USA. The fee structures as well as cost of living, both are high in USA. This country contains nearly 200 huge and prestigious medical colleges in which the fee ranges from 50lakh to 60 lakh for complete course including the scholar ships provided by the university. The fee may be huge but it equals the quality in education.

The second choice would be UK where you can find same facilities provided by USA. The fee structure ranges from 35lakh to 50lakh for complete course followed by Australia which costs 30lakh to 45lakh for complete course.

Advantages of doing MBBS in abroad

Advantages of studying MBBS in abroad

After going through all the above fee structures plan your course carefully within the budget you can afford. Keep all these things in mind before you get into a university meet a good consultant. Do not pay earlier and make sure he is not a fraud which means have a background check before you believe some one. Choose bigger cities if available in your budget.

You don’t need to struggle hard to crack the entrance examination

Affordable Government colleges then private colleges compared to India

Affordable accommodation charges and cost of living

MCI approved medical colleges which provide quality education

MBBS in abroad scholarships available for selected universities

No donation or external charges for admissions

PG courses after MBBS

And we don’t have many disadvantages as we are going on our choice. The only thing to make sure is our security. Choose a safe place where you can study comfortably.

Internships provided for medical students in abroad

Many internships provided to medical students in abroad. This includes medical camps, interns in hospitals based on their respective fields. Even the universities with hospitals provide internship in their own hospitals where the students gain a lot of practical knowledge and experience.

Scope after pursuing MBBS in abroad

A student who completes his 6 year course of MBBS have a lot of future scope in India as well as in other countries. The primary work they do is working in an hospital as a doctor, surgeon or whatever the specialization given to them. Apart from that we have a lot more choices where you can study further. Some of the courses included are

  • MD in Aerospace medicine
  • In anatomy
  • In Anaesthesia
  • MD in dermatology
  • MD in ENT
  • In General surgery
  • MD in orthopedics
  • Diploma in Health Education
  • Diploma in DVL
  • In ENT
  • Diploma in Occupational Health
  • Diploma in Hospital administration
  • In Pathology
  • Diploma in Micro Biology
  • Diploma in Sports Medicine
  • In Radiotherapy
  • Medical Imaging
  • Medical statistics
  • Telemedicine
  • Stem cells
  • BIO sensors
  • MBA and lot more

So if you are not satisfied with the MBBS course you can move further to complete any of the above courses if available in same university or any preferred university. When it comes to way of living it will always be a feast to live such beautiful countries. Apart from studying you can explore many new things and make new friends which helps to improve our way of living. If you have the capability of completing the course with merit outputs then you will be given an opportunity in the same country with huge amount of packages beyond your expectations.

Indian students interest on doing MBBS in Abroad

As we have discussed earlier it is a bit difficult to complete the MBBS course in India due to vast competition and huge tuition fees in private colleges. Many of them are choosing to move abroad where at least 10000 admissions were made by Indian consultancies in foreign medical colleges.

This shows the interest of Indian students moving to other countries for completing their MBBS course. According to a recent survey made by an reputed news channel most of the students from India chose either Russia or Ukraine for their future studies in which Ukraine takes the first place because of the language advantage. In Russia, Russian language is necessary to learn. Ukraine has no such policy.


I hope you like the information shared. You can always reach out to us if you have any doubts regarding the university selection or studying abroad.

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